Senior Research Associate I

Broad Institute
Job Location: 
Cambridge, MA
Job Description: 

We are looking for a self-motivated researcher to join a team of scientists in the Connectivity Map project within the laboratory of Dr. Todd R. Golub. Together we are leveraging the power of cutting-edge genomics, novel chemistry, and high-throughput technologies to identify novel paradigms of drug discovery and cancer biology.

The Connectivity Map project aims to generate a detailed map that links gene patterns associated with disease to patterns produced by drugs and is the most comprehensive effort yet for using genomics in a drug-discovery framework. To build a Connectivity Map, the Broad brings together molecular biologists, engineers, computationalists and chemists


The successful candidate will play a key role in developing technologies for high-throughput gene-expression screens; will enhance process automation; contribute to design and execution of molecular biology experiments; and work in a coordinated manner with laboratory colleagues on the generation of large gene-expression datasets of chemical and genetic perturbation. Additionally, there will be ample opportunity to learn about bioinformatics and analysis methods.

The Broad Institute provides a vibrant research environment with close links to top academic institutions across the Boston Area and provides the potential for your contributions to be used and recognized worldwide.

- Consult with Project Leader to identify major research goals of the group. Use highly specialized scientific knowledge and technical expertise to independently design key research projects that support the lab’s overall research goals.
- Implement projects and facilitates their completion and overseeing the smaller and varied investigations that support the lab/group’s major projects.
- May determine the methods and experimental controls to be used in research. Assist in implementing changes in protocols or methods; assist with the training of lab personnel on new methodologies.
- Help ensure that project supports, such as software, are in place in accordance with project requirements.
- May facilitate cooperation with outside collaborators to obtain necessary project resources and support.
- Analyze results and addresses complex technical problems; reports to Project’s Leader. Consult scientific literature and collaborates with other researchers from the scientific community as needed. May manage a database to compile and present results in a meaningful manner.
- May write and edit reports and papers for presentation and publication, may assist PI or project manager with writing and editing as needed.
- May direct the coordination of material and supply needs for the lab, orders basic lab supplies, and assists the Purchasing department with arranging for the servicing and maintaining major lab equipment. Interacts with vendors to investigate novel supplies and technologies.
- Maintain Lab records, compliance with safety, biohazard and radioactivity guidelines.
- May utilize extensive lab experience; participate in research-related troubleshooting.
- Other related tasks as required.

- Bachelor/Masters degree in Biology or related field and 6-8 years of experience in a research laboratory required.
- Must possess demonstrated ability and knowledge to design and conduct research independently.
- Knowledge of computers required.
- Knowledge of standard molecular and cellular biology principles and methods required.
- Excellent written, documentation and oral communication skills required.
- Strong organizational skills, including the ability to handle a variety of tasks in a fast-paced environment required.

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