Computational Biologist

Broad Institute
Job Location: 
Cambridge, MA
Job Description: 

Overall Responsibility:
To join the Program in Medical and Population Genetics to lead the genetic analysis for a set of projects related to myocardial infarction and other chronic diseases. Projects will include statistical analysis of ongoing whole exome sequencing association studies, contributing technically and logistically, with existing collaborators, to international meta-analysis consortia, statistical methods development and analysis of exome DNA sequence data, and the integration of genetic variation and gene expression data into pathway network analysis.

Specifically, as part of the Myocardial Infarction Genetics Exome Sequencing (MIGen ExS) Consortium collaboration, will work closely with the project leadership team to translate the overall research aims into analytical deliverables and strategies. Must thrive in an academic/professional atmosphere, where cross-functional teams are central to project success.

Characteristic Duties:
- Actively leads the data analysis for a set of genetics projects related to myocardial infarction and other chronic diseases.
- Will be responsible for working with project leadership to transform the scientific priorities of the MIGen ExS collaboration, and other related projects, into defined deliverables, and actionable tasks for the analysis subteam.
- Will design and develop novel statistical approaches and association testing frameworks to analyze and interpret next-generation sequence data sets.
- Works closely with Project Manager to ensure analytical activities are within scope, timeline and reach the overall aims of the collaboration.
- Regularly communicates accomplishments and progress at project team meetings.
- Proactively communicates with working groups focused on exome sequence analysis to help ensure analytical goals are achieved.
- Coordinates and interacts closely with other Scientists focused on Medical Sequencing analysis on data quality and file management; implements these formats and metrics for project data.
- Directly involved in the genetic interpretation and application of results from whole exome sequence data.
- Actively participates in the preparation of manuscripts for publication, scholarly reports and presents at scientific conferences.
- Provides input to staffing of project teams.
- Assists in the mentorship of post-doctoral staff and graduate students. Provides training and guidance as needed.
- Participates within a team of Scientists to foster a culture of scientific excellence.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
- May supervise 1-2 junior analytical staff members.

- A Ph.D. in genetics, biostatistics, biology, genomics, computational biology, or a related field.
- A minimum 3 years of directly related research experience, and a commensurate publication record.
- Demonstrated experience working on high-profile international collaborations with complex goals and timelines.
- Experience in designing and analyzing experiments using next-generation sequencing technologies.
- Advanced statistical genetics experience and strong programming experience required (C++, Java, Python, Perl, Matlab, R).
- Must have excellent problem solving, interpersonal, and written and verbal communication skills.
- Ability to deal with and adjust to a rapidly changing and high-demand environment required.
- Must be flexible and capable of self-directed research within broader goals set by the Program leadership and able to work effectively as part of a team.

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