Computational Biologist Postdoctoral Researcher- Mammalian Functional Genomics

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Walnut Creek, CA
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Computational Biologist Postdoctoral Researcher- Mammalian Functional Genomics - 76120
Organization: GN-Genomics

The Genomics Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, has an exciting Postdoctoral Researcher (Computational Biologist) opportunity in the area of mammalian functional genomics available.

This position will be under the joint mentorship of Len Pennacchio and Axel Visel. Research in the Pennacchio and Visel laboratories focuses on the use of genomic, epigenomic, and computational methods in conjunction with experimental studies in the mouse model to study the role of transcriptional enhancers and other functional non-coding sequences in developmental and disease processes. For more background, see Nature 444:499; Nature Genetics 40:158; Nature 457:854; Nature 461:199; Nature 464:409; Nature Genetics 42:806; Nature Genetics 44:89; Cell152:895.

Specific Job Duties
• Under the Principal Investigators’ mentorship, develop and implement cutting-edge computational strategies for the functional analysis of non-coding sequences in the human genome.
• Analyze and summarize large genomic datasets and present findings at internal lab meetings and scientific conferences.
• With mentors, prepare manuscripts for publication in major peer-reviewed journals.
• Collaborate with other postdoctoral fellows and technical research staff in a team-based research environment.
• Gain new skills in the area of mammalian genomics with the goal to become an increasingly independent investigator


• Recent Ph.D. and research experience in genetics/genomics, computational biology, bioinformatics or a relevant related field.
• Proven experience with computational analysis of genomic data, including use of programming languages and/or statistical analysis platforms.
• Strong interest in genomic and functional genomic questions and in the use of computational strategies to derive biological insights from sequence data.
• Demonstrated scientific productivity through publications in peer-reviewed journals.
• Effective oral and written communication skills to present findings at group meetings and conferences and publish results.

This position is funded through an NIH T32 training grant. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to be eligible.

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How To Apply
Apply directly online at and follow the on-line instructions to complete the application process.

Berkeley Lab is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to the development of a safe and diverse workforce.