Sequencing Production Technician

CNAG - Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico
Job Location: 
Barcelona, Spain
Job Description: 

We are seeking a Sequencing Production Technician. The successful candidate will work closely with the Production Manager.

- Preparation of samples for sequencing
- Operation of 2nd generation sequencers
- Management of stocks
- Tracking of projects

- Experience with the current generation of DNA sequencing technology


- Bachelors or Masters degree in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or similar
- At least 2 years of work experience
- Able to work very reliably, independently and as part of a team
- Competence with computer and common software packages
- Ability to understand and speak English

Contact Information: 

A cover letter and a full CV including contact details should be sent before 31st of July 2013 to
Reference: CNAG_Prodtech
Interviews will start immediately

About Our Organization: 

The CNAG operates a park of twelve second generation DNA sequencers supported by an extensive informatics infrastructure. It is one of the major Genome Sequencing Centers in Europe.

The CNAG is actively involved in collaborative research projects on a number of specific topics: Disease Gene Identification, Cancer Genomics, Genomics of Infectious Diseases, Genomics of Model Organisms and Agrogenomics. In addition, we participate in several consortia of networked projects such as the International Cancer Genome Consortium (, the International Human Epigenome Consortium ( and the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium ( and EU-funded projects such as AIRPROM, SYBARIS, ESGI, BLUEPRINT, RD-Connect and IBD-Character.