Director Molecular Diagnostics

New York Genome Center
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New York, NY
Job Description: 

The Director Molecular Diagnostics will manage an experienced technical staff and be responsible for the creation and build-out of NYGC’s diagnostics laboratory and for the development and ongoing performance of next-generation sequencing molecular diagnostics assays in accordance with all CLIA and New York State regulations. The Director will also be responsible for the implementation and oversight of proficiency testing, quality control and quality improvement programs for the NYGC clinical laboratory.

Job duties will include:
•Direct the initial set-up of the clinical laboratory, including installation of instrumentation and hiring of additional laboratory staff.
•Validate performance characteristics of FDA-approved platforms and install these assays in a manner consistent with state and federal regulations.
•Ensure laboratory systems and quality management practices are in place to achieve successful NYS certification (in genetics sub-category) and CAP accreditation.
•Perform all listed duties of a genetics laboratory director in accordance with NYS regulations.
•Assist in the successful integration of a laboratory information management system (LIMS).
•In collaboration with other NYGC staff, develop and validate NGS constitutional genetic diagnostic assays and guide these assays through the NYS certification process.
•Oversee ongoing test performance and perform professional interpretation and sign-out of NYGC clinical diagnostics assays.
•Set-up and oversee a proficiency testing program for genetic tests in accordance with NYS and CLIA regulations.


NYGC is seeking a molecular diagnostics laboratory director with significant experience designing and performing constitutional genetic testing. Direct experience with next-generation sequencing is desired but not required, though familiarity with the latest technology and experience with other sequencing methodologies (particularly Sanger sequencing) is strongly preferred. The candidate should have significant management experience and be open to tackling the toughest challenges in clinical genomics using the latest sequencing and informatics methodologies.

Position requirements:
•MD with board certification in an appropriate sub-specialty or PhD in the biological sciences with board certification in molecular genetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics.
•5 or more years of direct molecular diagnostics laboratory management, including supervision of laboratory staff and constitutional genetic testing, highly preferred.
•New York State Certificate of Qualification for genetic testing or clear eligibility for New York State certification required.
•Experience or Certificate of Qualification in other NYS-defined testing subspecialties (oncology, infectious disease, etc.) preferred but not required.

Contact Information: 

Guevara Rowand
Managing Partner, Savant Consulting
Acting Head of Recruiting, New York Genome Center
(415) 323-5600

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