Logistics Manager

Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA
Job Description: 

The logistics manager will play a key role to assure quality management of inbound and outbound transportation. Will partner with purchasing, customer service, sales, receiving and third-party service providers. Will track metrics and report on quality and cost results. This job is a new function needed to secure transportation solutions that will support the ramp-up of our growing company.

- Maintain business relationships with transportation service providers.
- Participate in carrier management processes, such as selection, qualification and transit performance.
- Maintain service and cost metrics for transportation and 3PL services.
- Build close working relationships with planning and procurement teams.
- Forecast transportation capacity to match manufacturing activity.
- Perform regularly scheduled RFQ activities for transportation and 3PL services.
- Schedule and manage regular QBR meetings with key logistic service providers.
- Collaborate with procurement team to manage min/max in a way to facilitate non-air shipping.
- Negotiate and coordinate schedules with customers, transportation providers and suppliers.
- Coordinate delivery schedules to meet receiving team capacity.
- Maintain real-time awareness of external influences such as fuel costs, regulations, weather and labor issues at ports.
- Consults with suppliers and customers to understand their distribution networks and determine the logistics resources required to support service needs.
- Manage 3PL international warehouse contracts.
- Assign freight forwarders to individual suppliers and establish protocol for dispatch communication.
- Work with buyers to evaluate supplier control freight vs. Cepheid controlled freight.
- Utilize the Corporate ERP System and any other specific IT systems required for logistics management.
- Maintain LTL relationships.
- Manage freight classification codes.
- Manage duty drawback program.
- Collaborate with shipping and finance teams to manage VAT avoidance.
- Maintain relationships with Customs offices.
- Manage C-TPAT compliance.
- Manage freight consolidation process.

- Bachelor's degree or equivalent.
- 8-years freight management using all modes of transportation.
- 5-years working with international transportation.
- Strong knowledge of INCO TERMS.
- Current knowledge of Customs and port security requirements.
- 5-years warehouse management or equivalent using 3PL services.
- Knowledge of Microsoft Office including strong expertise in Excel.
- Proven managemet experience developing staff.

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