Principal Scientist

Job Location: 
Gaithersburg, MD
Job Description: 

Principal Scientist position within Process Cell Culture and Fermentation will be that of a strategic thinker and scientific leader with a broad knowledge of molecular and cell biology, expression technologies, cell line development, virology, and vaccine development. The incumbent will be expected to have in-depth knowledge with a good understanding of links within process cell culture and outside of process cell culture to support successful development of novel and difficult to express protein therapeutics and vaccines. This critical position will combine both scientific and strategic leadership elements.
The incumbent will define and collaborate with management and staff to execute new scientific directions and research programs within process cell culture that will enable meeting MedImmune Research portfolio goals, especially in the novel molecule area in an efficient and optimal fashion. The candidate will need to be very entrepreneurial and be able to collaborate with scientists of varying background and direct research programs that are able to very rapidly advance MedImmune's early research portfolio, especially in the area of vaccines and novel molecules. The candidate will be expected to optimize and advance methodologies that impact development of novel molecules either using Mammalian Cell lines or propose investment in alternate expression technologies. The candidate will be a thought leader in genomics and virology with demonstrated successes.
As a scientific leader within process cell culture the candidate will be expected to represent the function in cross functional teams within development as well as outside of development, especially in discussion with regulatory groups both internal and external to company. Mentoring and career development of staff is an important part of the responsibility as the candidate will be leading both cross functional teams as well as scientists that will report into the position. The candidate will be expected to lead cross functional initiatives globally.Position Requirements:
This position is a technical leadership role. Previous experience leading a similar function as well as demonstrated accomplishments will be required.
Educational Requirements:
Ph.D. degree in Cell Biology / Microbiology / Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Virology/ Biochemical Engineering. The ideal candidate will have extensive industrial experience (10+ years) in the area of molecular and cell biology, virology, and/or vaccine development . The candidate will have proven technical record on understanding and resolution of bottlenecks as related to protein and vaccine production and have extensive experience working with multiple host/vector systems.
Special Skills and Abilities:
Leadership in a laboratory environment, excellent communication skills and presentation skills are expected. Ability to work well in a high intensity collaborative environment, with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit are required. Track record for delivering innovative solutions to enable vaccine and protein production is required.
Job complexity:
Technical complexity is very high.



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