Product Reliability Engineer

Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA
Job Description: 

Perform and document investigations and analysis to determine root causes of failure in consumables used as part of DNA analysis systems. Scope may evolve to also include instrumentation (hardware) or automation lines. Evaluate and recommend corrective actions. A major emphasisis the mechanical and fluidic aspects of the product.

- Analyze data to identify trends and patterns
- Inspect and Test products and components to determine root causes of failure
- Participate in brainstorming and other root cause analysis techniques
- Design, execute and document experiments as part of investigations
- Coordinate support activities from other departments
- Use product software and other software tools as part of testing and analysis
- Continuously document progress during investigations
- Prototype and evaluate potential mitigations and corrective actions
- Prepare a formal report for each investigation
- Adhere to standard operating procedures and regulatory requirements
- Develop new test methods and tools, and validate them
- Develop methods, processes, and procedures that will improve the failure analysis process and/or reduce failures

- Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
- Minimum of 2 to 4 years of relevant professional experience
- Basic knowledge of statistics
- Ability to use MS Office and Minitab for data presentation and analysis
- Excellent writing and documentation skills
- Ability to successfully interact with multiple departments
- Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and accept shifts in priorities
- Expertise in data analysis, physical inspection, metrology, and design of experiments including problem solving, root cause analysis techniques, and documentation of results
- Ability to work in GMP lab environment

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