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Boston, MA
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AbVitro is seeking qualified bioinformatics scientists to join our bioinformatics team. AbVitro is a rapidly growing Boston-area company focused on the development of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and single-cell based technologies that provide a high-throughput analysis of the human immune system. These technologies are being developed to allow for the discovery of candidate antibodies and biomarkers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Our approach monitors VDJ usage in antibody genes and allows phylogenetic analysis of B-cell lineages as inferred from antibody sequences to identify patterns of antibody usage across patients exposed to various pathological conditions.

As a member of our bioinformatics team the successful candidate will play a key role in the expansion of AbVitro’s existing data analysis pipelines and the development and implementation of new analysis pipelines for high-throughput RNA-based immune sequencing data.

Responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

• Improve AbVitro’s existing NGS data analysis pipeline currently used to process data from the sequencing of the human immune repertoire.

• Perform as a member of a multifunctional team focused on the development of a robust, commercially viable, antibody-based diagnostics and therapeutics discovery platform

• Development new algorithms and analysis strategies for large RNAseq-like data sets

• Work closely with research and development team to analyze NGS data in support of Abvitros technology/product development portfolio

• Produce graphical representations of NGS data

• Assist in the development of automated data analysis pipelines


• PhD in bioinformatics, computer engineering or equivalent experience
• Experience working with next-generation RNA sequencing data

• Ability to perform complex analyses in a time sensitive fashion

• Strong organizational and communications skills

• Ability to design and code new algorithms and for analysis of large NGS data sets

• Ability to work independently or as a member of a multifunctional development team

• Strong background in statistical analysis of genomic/high-throughput sequencing data

• Able to generate effective graphical output from sequencing datasets

• Experience with one or more of the following programming languages (Java, Python, Perl) with an emphasis on sequence analysis

• Experience with common databases and genome browsers (e.g. NCBI GenBank, Ensembl, IGV, UCSC etc.)

Additional Desired Skills & Experience (not required)
• Experience Programing in, python and C/ C++, using R or Mathlab
• Familiarity with Amazon EC2, mapreduce EMR and hadoop framework or equivalent cloud computing network.
• Previous experience developing database architecture
• Previous experience with clinical sequencing/diagnostics

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Qualified candidates can submit resumes to

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Company Description
AbVitro is a venture backed next-generation antibody discovery focused on discovery of human-derived antibodies and biomarkers that are otherwise intractable using existing approaches. Based on technology developed by the visionary George Church at Harvard Medical School, we use proprietary Next Generation Sequencing and single cell in emulsion based technologies to gain insights into the biology that underlies physiological and pathological adaptive immune responses.

This is a full time position and is available for the successful candidate to start immediately if desired. AbVitro provides a competitive compensation package and is an equal opportunity employer.

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