Surface Chemist

Job Location: 
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Job Description: 

This position is responsible for developing surface chemistries for application in handheld diagnostic point of care devices. The initial focus of the work will be to further develop and screen a range of functional surfaces for application to a nanowire-based biosensor and eventually into a portable diagnostic device. The position is based at the QMDx headquarters in Newcastle.

To support the Group’s R&D programme by assisting and contributing to the laboratory based research work carried out within QuantuMDx Group Limited. Scientific contribution to all projects will be welcome and expected.

To support the development, revision and implementation of Quality standards and policies and to facilitate company accreditation to and continued compliance with any relevant standards that the company adheres to or will in the future.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

Performs a combination, but not necessarily all, of the following duties:

To utilise in-depth knowledge of surface modifications, organic synthesis, surface analysis, including advanced SPM techniques to optimise our present technologies.

Performing the following laboratory procedures:

· actively developing and tailoring target surface chemistries to meet R&D goals
· recording and interpreting results to present to senior management;
· keeping up to date with technical developments, especially those which can save time and improve reliability;
· conducting searches on identified topics relevant to Group R&D programme, as directed by Line Manager;
· following and ensuring strict safety procedures and safety checks.
· recording results accurately and honestly in a Lab Book in accordance with Company policy;
· ensuring the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced;

· To adhere to all of QuantuMDx’s Quality Assurance (QA) Systems

QuantuMDx’s QA Systems include: Document Controls; Purchasing Controls; Identification and Traceability; Production and Process Control; CAPAs; Labelling and Packaging; Material and Product Handling, Storage and Distribution; Equipment Installations; Manufacturing Records; Maintenance and Service.


· A strong technical understanding and experience in surface modification and characterization methodologies
· Experience working with biological/chemical sensing is desirable.
· Excellent communication/IT skills and ability to work in a changing environment on complex projects.
· Outstanding teamwork and ability to interact with external and internal partners on fast-paced projects is essential.
· PhD in Chemistry or a minimum of 2 years industrial experience is essential.
· Experience with working within both an academic and industrial laboratory is desirable.
· Good sense of humour, team player and an ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment as the Company matures and moves from the R&D stage into commercialisation is essential.

· The ability to work full time without restriction in the UK.

Contact Information: 

Interested applicants should send their CV and covering letter to

About Our Organization: 

QuantuMDx Group is a vibrant medical devices company developing hand-held and portable low cost molecular diagnostic, DNA sequencing & proteomic platforms capable of supporting the delivery of personalised medicine across both developed and developing nations.

Our initial focus is to develop and commercialise simple, easy to use MDx devices that not only deliver rapid & accurate - sample to result - medical diagnosis for complex diseases within minutes at the patient’s side, but can integrate with mobile apps for ongoing support and education of patients.

Our first commercial product, due out in 2014, will be the Q-POC™, QuantuMDx’s hand-held point of care platform, with first commercial assays in companion diagnostics and multi-drug resistant infectious disease testing (including TB, malaria and STIs). Products in development include Q-SEQ™, a 5th generation DNA sequencer, and InVenio™, a biomarker discovery engine capable of undertaking a whole proteome analysis which will eventually be integrated into Q-POC™.