Research Scientist

Job Location: 
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Job Description: 

Position overview:
The Research Scientist will work within the assay development team, an interdisciplinary team developing molecular diagnostic assays for infectious diseases and genetic tests, at QuantuMDx’s laboratory’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
A key success factor for this position is the ability to work in a fast paced, cross functional group environment, with a willingness to be hands-on across a wide area of responsibilities.

This ideal candidate is an individual who has recently achieved a PhD and has some industry or post doc experience. Of importance is the individual must possess a great capacity and desire for taking on new responsibilities and challenges as the company grows.

This position is responsible for supporting the development of clinical & scientific research in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products in the areas of nucleic acid testing. The initial focus of the work will be to develop a PCR, microarray and sequencing assays for the companies target diseases. These assays will be translated to the company’s hand-held molecular diagnostic device.

Main duties and responsibilities
Performs a combination, but not necessarily all, of the following duties:
-To support the development, optimisation and commercialization of a range of proprietary diagnostic assays.
-To be part of the assay development team based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne advancing the molecular biology used in Q-POC assays.
-To work not only within the assay development team, but also to provide scientific support and expertise to QuantuMDx’s wider research group globally. This may require travelling to QMDx’s other labs and QuantuMDx’s partners labs.
-To learn the techniques utilized by the company within the fields of DNA extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, microarray design and apply them to develop and optimise Q-POC.
-To adhere to all of QMDx’s Quality Assurance (QA) Systems.
-QMDx’s QA Systems include: Document Controls; Purchasing Controls; Identification and Traceability; Production and Process Control; CAPAs; Labeling and Packaging; Material and Product Handling, Storage and Distribution; Equipment Installations; Manufacturing Records; Maintenance and Service.
-To support the development of policies and procedures and to input into the QA/QC process.
-To work with senior management to ensure the company’s research is fully compliant with Quality System Regulations (QSRs) that meet FDA, IVDD, and ISO expectations.
-To disseminate research data internally and externally via papers, attendance at meetings/conferences and public speaking opportunities.
-Write and review grant application, patents and peer reviewed journal articles when required.
-To provide support to the commercialization activities of the company.


Experience, knowledge and requirements:
-A highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who has a firm understanding of molecular biology techniques and a proven ability to work with a team of scientists to accomplish research project objectives and goals.
-Experience using a range of molecular biology techniques including PCR and RT-PCR is required.
-A willingness to learn new and cutting edge scientific techniques and to apply them to rigorous and ethical scientific research, maintaining confidentiality at all times.
-An inherent willingness to research, develop and explore scientific methodologies and ideas in response to research and device developmental challenges.
-To adhere at all times to the legislation, guideline and demands of the external and internal regulatory environments.
-Excellent communication/IT skills and ability to work in a changing environment on complex projects. Outstanding teamwork and ability to interact with external and internal partners on fast-paced projects.
-PhD in Molecular Biology or Biochemistry preferred or Life Sciences is acceptable.
-Good sense of humour and ability to adapt to a changing environment as the Company matures and moves from the R&D stage into commercialization.
-The ability to work full time without restriction in the UK.

Contact Information: 

Interested candidates should send a CV and covering letter to

About Our Organization: 

QuantuMDx Group is a vibrant medical devices company developing hand-held and portable low cost molecular diagnostic, DNA sequencing & proteomic platforms capable of supporting the delivery of personalised medicine across both developed and developing nations.

Our initial focus is to develop and commercialise simple, easy to use MDx devices that not only deliver rapid & accurate - sample to result - medical diagnosis for complex diseases within minutes at the patient’s side, but can integrate with mobile apps for ongoing support and education of patients.

Our first commercial product, due out in 2014, will be the Q-POC™, QuantuMDx’s hand-held point of care platform, with first commercial assays in companion diagnostics and multi-drug resistant infectious disease testing (including TB, malaria and STIs). Products in development include Q-SEQ™, a 5th generation DNA sequencer, and InVenio™, a biomarker discovery engine capable of undertaking a whole proteome analysis which will eventually be integrated into Q-POC™.