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University of Florida


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PhD- and MS-level positions are available immediately for computer scientists and computational biologists to study the Genomic Bases of Neural Functions & Memory. Work will be multifaceted and include assembly and annotation of RNA-seq and ChiP-seq data from a diversity of neural circuits, as well as single-cell and real-time genomics. The work will identify novel gene regulatory pathways and mechanisms underlying neural circuit organization, learning and memory, age-related memory loss and neurodegeneration. Previous experience in genome assemblies, annotation and analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) data (e.g. genome-/exome- sequencing and whole genome association studies (WGAS), DNA methylation/methylome, chromatin, or system biology) are preferable.

The McKnight Brain Institute is the hub of the neuroscience community at the University of Florida. Thus, these are ideal positions for motivated, self-driven scientists who would like to be integrated into interdisciplinary programs, and interact with both fundamental and clinical researchers. The High Performance Computer Center (with 16,000 cores), and growing Genomic programs also provide supreme opportunities for professional growth.


Qualifications: Ideal candidates should have 1) a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics/Genome or MS/PhD Computer Science or related field. 2) Experience in genome and/or transcriptome assembly software and/or mathematical modeling. 3) Strong skills in at least one programming language (Python, JAVA or C/C++, MATLAB, R, PERL) and/or large-scale data modeling and databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL).

A proficiency in database development and maintenance, together with an ability to write custom scripts and/or algorithm development for informatics/visualization is a plus. It would be particularly helpful to demonstrate administration experience within a Linux environment and/or experience in developing multi-threaded program or programming for a cluster environment as well as knowledge of HTMT, CSS, and JavaScript.
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Contact: Prof. Leonid L. Moroz ( Please provide your CV, names of three references and evidence of your experience in the field of bioinformatics and/or computational biology and/or computer sciences.

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