Quality Assurance Manager

Avacta Group plc
Job Location: 
Wetherby, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
£30,000 - £40,000 per annum

Excellent Terms & Conditions, Pension Scheme

Job Description: 

You will be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the quality system for a custom Affimer reagent screening and small scale Affimer production facility and a GLP lab for the discovery and validation of biomarkers using Affimer technology. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a QA function. Previous experience implementing a quality management system and overseeing the establishment or transfer of a manufacturing facility is desirable.


Essential attributes: extensive experience in a relevant industry and of working in a QA function; the ability to work efficiently and as part of a multidisciplinary team; the ability to work with a high degree of autonomy, professionalism, care, accuracy and reliability under pressure to resolve complex customer issues; good communication skills; a realistic and practical approach to quality systems in an early stage company environment.

Salary: £30,000-40,000 - p.a. according to qualifications and relevant experience.

Contact Information: 

To apply please send your cv and covering letter to charlotte.hartley@avacta.com

Website for more information www.avacta.com

About Our Organization: 

Avacta Group plc is a healthcare technology and consumables company providing proprietary analytical and diagnostics solutions to the life science sectors. As part of new programmes of affinity reagent development for a wide range of applications, including human healthcare, Avacta is seeking to fill a number of scientific and technical posts:

Post 1: Combinatorial Protein Library Screening Specialists
Post 2: Microarray and Product Development Specialist
Post 3: FACS Specialist
Post 4: Microarray/Bio-informatics Specialist
Post 5: Quality Manager

The company is looking for enthusiastic and energetic individuals who want an opportunity to contribute to the development of a fast growing life sciences company.