Senior Scientist - Next Generation Sequencing

Job Location: 
Waltham, MA
Job Description: 

Functional Area Description: The iMed Translational Science function exists to ensure effective strategic Translational Science Biomarker input into project teams. Closely interacting with iScience, functions and collaborators, iMed Translational Science will develop biomarkers for project teams, provide a feasibility assessment and validation of approach, provide a centralized biomarker analysis capability for clinical samples, and provide early clinical phase engagement.

Impact of Role on the Business: The translational sciences organization will be the single point of accountability for delivery of robust, scientifically-driven biomarkers in all projects. The biomarker lead role will be a key driver of biomarker delivery on project teams, ensuring all compounds are contributing towards the overall iMed strategy to become leaders in personalized oncology healthcare.

Major Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

■ Deliver genomic information to AZ project teams and other partners using Next Generation Sequencing and other leading edge technologies

-- Develop and maintain internal lab and analytical capability and, in parallel, leverage external partners for various advanced and high-throughput technology platforms (such as Illumina, Ion Torrent, and other maturing massively parallel sequencing approaches, microfluidic systems, microarray platforms, etc.)

-- Conceptualize, develop, and execute evaluations of platforms, vendors, and emerging technologies of clinical and translational utility

-- Provide technical advice and genomic/biomarker consultation to internal and external partners

■ Be accountable for biomarker data generation, validation and results/report delivery within AZ Oncology project and disease area teams

-- Deliver biomarker assays and genomic/molecular profiling datasets using advanced technology platforms

-- Work effectively with Translational Science Strategists to develop project biomarker plans, set expectations, and use fit-for-purpose platforms and technical approaches

-- Ensure generation of high quality biomarker data in a timely manner and, in partnership Translational Science Strategist, deliver results and reports to partner lines

-- Lead lab-based biomarker identification focused on project needs to deliver clinically qualified biomarkers that will guide dose selection, schedule, patient stratification and selection

□ Identify, develop and deliver suitable and timely pharmacodynamic and efficacy biomarkers for targets/projects to better inform and clarify

□ Identify exploratory biomarkers relevant for disease progression and/or patient stratification working in collaboration with PHB

□ Provide technical input to help guide decision making during early development

□ Ensure that all nominated biomarkers are fit for purpose in the clinical environment

■ For biomarker work maintain appropriate documentation and be compliant with internal and external requirements. Assist in preparation of regulatory documents and responses to questions and participate in peer-review processes

■ Represent the technical and biomarker aspects of products/projects and AZ in internal and, as required, the external environment

■ Develop, coach, mentor, motivate and inspire individuals in the function


Minimum Requirements:

■ M.S. in a relevant science subject and at least 5-10 years experience, including industry experience

■ In-depth understanding of molecular biology, with particular emphasis on DNA and RNA work, genetics and genomics, cancer biology, translational science, and drug discovery and development

■ Strong technical skills (laboratory and analytical) as well as communication, influencing, and negotiation skills

■ Project leadership capability at professional level

■ Excellent problem solving skills with clear understanding of risk management

■ Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work across disciplines

■ Good organisational and planning skills

■ Excellent oral and written communication skills

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