PostDoc/Researcher for metagenomic and epigenomic research

Statens Serum Institut
Job Location: 
Copenhagen, The Danish national Biobank
Job Description: 

For a completely newly established research laboratory we are looking for an employee to projects, which are primarily based on modern molecular biological methods including high-throughput sequencing, DNA arrays and real time PCR within the field of metagenomics and epigenomics.
Your primary tasks will be to:
- Participate in research projects on cancer and / or inflammatory diseases in collaboration with the department's MD’s, epidemiologists and bioinformaticians.
- Perform molecular biological analyzes.
- Participate in international and national projects with many partners.

We offer
A job in a well recognized company with high professionalism and an active research environment with committed colleagues. We are a flexible and family-friendly workplace with a 37-hour week incl. lunch break. We value competence high and is centrally located in Copenhagen with free parking in the area.

For the purpose of review of research qualifications the applicant should submit a list of publications. The research qualifications will be assessed by an expert committee set up under the current job structure for academic staff performing research at public sector research institutions.

Employment is limited to 1 year with possibility of extension and a working week of 37 hours per week.


Thorough knowledge of molecular biology techniques, both theoretical and practical.
- Extensive experience working with RNA.
- In-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience with high-throughput sequencing.
- Experience in handling of clinical materials including tissues.
- Some knowledge of the bioinformatics analysis of sequence data.
- Experience in cell culture would be an advantage.

We also emphasizes that you like “wet” laboratory benchwork and appreciate cooperation between people from different scientific backgrounds.

Contact Information: 

For more information about the job by contacting Dr. Lars P. Nielsen on phone +45-2130 6144 or sector head Dr. Mads Melbye on phone +45 3268 3163

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About Our Organization: 

Statens Serum Institut is the national reference laboratory for clinical microbiology. The research is concentrated within the fields of microbiology, vaccines and epidemiology.
About the Department of Epidemiological Research.
The department has for years been a leader in epidemiological research. The department has in 2012 been expanded considerably with a new research laboratory and extensive biobank facilities (, which holds clinical samples for use in research and development of groups throughout Denmark. National health databases incl. records containing personal and patient information also belong to the department.
The aim of the new research laboratory is to generate data – that together with epidemiological and clinical data can be used to elucidate disease-related problems especially in inflammatory, infectious and malignant diseases.