Software Engineer for Structural Genomics

CNAG - Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico
Job Location: 
Barcelona, Spain
Job Description: 

The CNAG started operating in March 2010 with a park of twelve second generation DNA sequencers supported by an extensive informatics infrastructure, becoming one of the major Genome Sequencing Centers in Europe.

The CNAG is actively involved in collaborative research projects on a number of specific topics: Disease Gene Identification, Cancer Genomics, Genomics of Infectious Diseases, Model Organism Genomics and Synthetic Biology Genomics of Model Organisms. In addition, we participate in several consortia of networked projects such as the International Cancer Genome Consortium, and EU-funded projects such as READNA, AIRPROM, SYBARIS, ESGI and BLUEPRINT.

The CNAG seeks a talented programmer with sensitivity to design details for the Structural Genomics Group to develop a Genome Browser. This post is funded by a HFSP research grant. The successful candidate will report to the Structural Genomics Group Leader.

- To Develop a prototype for a new category of 3D genome browsers.

- Non-permanent contract


- Ability to craft interactive applications with code in C++ or a similar language (or proficient with an advanced creative coding platform like Cinder or OpenFrameworks).
- Experienced building interaction design prototypes in code.
- Actual love for design and technology in general and sensitivity to design details.
- Comfortable or proficient with graphical software (Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar).
- Appreciation for user interface standards but open to the new ideas and designs demanded by big data visualization.

- Experience in writing code in a professional software development environment.
- Demonstrated ability to make architecture and feature-set design decisions.
- Ability to work iteratively and at a fast pace.

- Experience in designing for mobile platforms (Android and iOS).
- Web design expertise.
- Low-level graphics hacking experience (Open GL or similar).
- Fluent English.

Contact Information: 

Interested candidates may submit a CV and a brief statement of experience and interests before April, 26th 2013 indicating the offer reference (Programmer Structural Genomics) in the message subject, to the following email address: