Senior Scientist

Illumina, Inc
Job Location: 
San Diego
Job Description: 

As a Sr Scientist at Illumina you will work in a dynamic, team-oriented environment and help create genomic analysis tools that enable leading-edge research. You will be a key contributor to integrated and multidisciplinary teams developing new, and improving existing technology platforms. You will plan, initiate, and execute scientific research and/or critical development strategies for Illumina with the research staff and/or through individual studies.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Research and develop to create new products. Identify, plan, evaluate, pursue and manage research ideas leading to large-scale, highly-multiplexed products for bio-molecule quantification based on Illumina’s proprietary technologies.
• Perform a wide range of functions, including:
Development of novel detection systems, consumables such as flowcells, processes and chemistries for the mfg of consumables, test methods, and analysis of large data sets.
• Troubleshoot and improve existing processes and/or chemistries to establish robust and reproducible product or process performance.
• Work independently and within multi-disciplinarily project teams with engineers, programmers, project coordinators, and other researchers.
• Conduct clear and concise communication with colleagues and supervisors through oral updates, written reports and technical meetings. Present status updates to Senior Management, including recommendations based on experimental results.

All listed tasks and responsibilities are deemed as essential functions to this position; however, business conditions may require reasonable accommodations for additional task and responsibilities.


Preferred Educational Background:
• Ph.D. in materials science, physics, analytical or physical chemistry. A minimum of 5-7 years of laboratory experience, with 3+ years in a multidisciplinary Research and Development lab environment preferred.

Preferred Experiential Background:
An ideal candidate will have a diverse background:
• A broad scientific knowledge base (instrumentation, optics, thermodynamics, kinetics, material science, spectroscopy, statistical mechanics and dynamics, etc). Knowledgeable in optical and electrical measurement techniques.
• Understanding of current MEMS industry, micro-fabrication technology, techniques, and associated surface and materials chemistry. Experience with the design and production of micro-fluidics devices via photolithography, embossing, micro-imprinting, PDMS polymerization, and other manufacturing techniques.
• Strong math and statistics background, ability to use programming languages, excellent data analysis skills.
• Ability to overcome technical challenges in a fast-paced, commercial environment within an interdisciplinary team setting and independently.
• Excellent communication skills are required.
• Experience with next-generation sequencing methods is helpful.
• Motivated, enthusiastic, hard-working, cheerful individual who desires to be part of a fast-paced dynamic development environment.

Illumina is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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