Manufacturing Chemist II

Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Bothell, WA
Job Description: 

The Manufacturing Chemist is responsible for the manufacturing of proprietary chemical reagents used in oligonucleotide production for Cepheid's reagents in large scale under GMP compliance. The successful candidate will have demonstrated knowledge of chemistry and laboratory methodologies.

- Work on multi-step synthetic chemistry methods to manufacture proprietary dyes, quenchers, nucleosides and intermediates using crystallization techniques, manual chromatography and automated purification systems.
- Work on process optimization, auto purification (ISCO or Biotage System) and scale up of reagents.
- Sustain the regular production of properietary reagents in large scale following established SOPs, manufacturing batch records and generation of product labels.
- Conduct analytical testing of manufactured reagents using HPLC, LCMS and NMR techniques.
- Additional responsibilities also include sustaining the production of solid supports (CPGs and polystyrenes for use Oligo synthesis) to comply with established SOPs.
- Ensure and adhere to GMP compliance and maintain a clean/ traceable work environment.

- BS degree in Chemistry or related discipline.
- A minimum of 5 years of direct related experience in biotechnology manufacturing or R&D
- Ability to follow established SOPs, worksheets and general knowledge of GMP guidelines.
- Proficient knowledge of analytical equipment such as UV, NMR, HPLC and LCMS.
- Working knowledge in the handling of various chemicals in large scale (5-50L flasks) reactions.
- Ability to work under GMP guidelines and maintain a clean working environment.
- Ability to work under minimal daily supervision and in a timely manner given broad objectives.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills.
- General training and awareness of chemical safety practices.

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