Senior Consumables Engineering Technician

Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA
Job Description: 

Work directly with Consumables Engineering, System Integration, and Automation Engineering to execute and document test plans and qualification protocols, perform routine Engineering testing, perform and document prototype failure investigations, and assist in the development and documentation of new test methods for the purposes of designing, modifying, and qualifying injection molded parts.

- Assemble and test Consumables prototype
- Assist in Production parts qualification activities
- Measure Critical-to-function dimensions and inspect development parts and assemblies
- Testing, analysis and troubleshooting of prototype failure
- Assist in development of new Engineering test methods
- Maintain organized and complete documentation of activities
- Communicate effectively across organizational functions
- Assist Consumables Engineers with a broad range of parts development activities, including CTF testing and new test method development, qualification testing, troubleshooting parts or assembly issues and internal failure investigation assistance, prototype assembly, biological testing of PCR assays, and other Cepheid-specific functional testing.
- Interact frequent between Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, and other business functions and

- High Graduate or G.E.D.
- 4 to 6 years experience in prototype assembly or test engineering
- Proven record of assembling, testing, and troubleshooting custom injection molded parts
- Proven record-keeping and organizational skills
- Basic mathematical skills and experience with Microsoft Excel and Word
- Good written and oral communication skills
- Possess real-world technical experience in prototype assembly, critical-to-function (CTF) dimensional inspection, failure analysis testing, qualification testing, test method validation, and documentation.
- Be self-motivated, hands-on, organized, and able to communicate well cross-functionally, with the ability to multitask and maintain meticulous documentation across multiple projects.
- Have a proven record of experience assembling, testing, and trouble-shooting custom-designed injection molded assemblies.

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