Scientific Programmer

Weill Cornell Medical College, Department of Genetic Medicine
Job Location: 
New York, NY
Job Description: 

Maintains and modifies existing database as needed
Gene expression analysis using Partek, GeneSpring, other software
Generates figures from data as needed for grants and manuscripts
advises on software and hardware requirements
Checks accuracy of data entered into departmental database.
Designs and maintains a multi-institutional website.
Develops software solutions for handling, analyzing, integrating and visualizing multidimensional, high throughout genomics, epigenomics, metabolomics and other large scale biological data
Assist research personnel for use of the database and of data analysis tools
Performs other job duties as required


Minimum Requirements:
Must have a bachelor's degree and/or extensive experience in a computer-related field; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; excellent organization and communication skills.
2-5 years programming experience using HTML, PHP and MySQL.
Website development and maintenance experience.

Highly Desired Requirements:
10+ years of computer experience.
Familiar with the MVC PHP paradigm, preferably CakePHP framework.
Master's degree

Contact Information: 

Marie Fernandes, PhD
Scientific Administrator
Department of Genetic Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College

About Our Organization: 

About Our Organization:
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