Postdoctoral Position in Statistical Genetics/Genomics

Job Location: 
UMR1043, Toulouse, France
Job Description: 

Advances in technology which allow typing of millions of DNA markers simultaneously have revolutionized gene mapping in human genetics, making it one of the most exciting and fast moving fields in science. Genetic studies such as these generate large volumes of data and require advanced statistical and computational methods to link disease, trait phenotypes and response to treatment from often thousands of individuals to the high density genetic data.
The candidate will be working with Maria Martinez, leading the “Genomics of complex disorders” program, placing emphasis on the disentangling of the genetic architecture underlying neurological disorders as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. These researches are conducted within national and European programs.

The position involves the following specific research topics:
- To develop multivariate analysis algorithms to predict response to treatment from DNA markers, RNA and biological variables measured in unrelated people.
- To develop and test multiple marker association methods for rare and low-frequency DNA variants.
- To develop methodology for combining multiple types of genomic data
All projects may involve (i) simulation of genetic data for testing and comparison of methods; (ii) analysis of whole-genome wide genotyping and sequencing data.

The applicant should have a PhD in statistical genetics, biostatistics or population genetics and very good programming skills in C/Fortran and R under Unix.

Position is full-time and initially restricted for two years. To apply submit a CV and the names of two referees to Dr Maria Martinez (

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