Research Associate

Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA
Job Description: 

This Research Associate will be an integral part of a team developing cutting edge real-time PCR assays for the GeneXpert.
Assist and provide support for scientists in the development of novel PCR assays for the detection of organisms from blood stream infections. Duties include performing assay and sample preparation optimization experiments; production of liquid and dry reagent formulations; and maintenance of results database.

- Perform qualification and quantification of oligonucleotides
- Standardize and maintain lab stocks of microbiological cultures and purified nucleic acid test and control materials
- Prepare and purify organismal nucleic acid from different sample types, including bio-hazardous clinical samples
- Produce accurate, thorough and timely documentation in notebooks, author reports of analytical studies and experiments, and participate in regularly-scheduled project technical meetings.
- Receive, catalog, and freeze isolates from a variety of sources for research studies
- Optimize reagent formulations
- Perform PCR tests for organisms as required
- Enter data from experiments into a database
- Perform preliminary alignments of DNA sequence data and enter results into database
- Maintain notebooks, reports and records
- Maintain appropriate inventory of supplies
- Maintain and promote a safe working environment

- BS in Molecular Biology or a related scientific discipline is required
- Minimum of 5 years hands-on laboratory experience in biotech/medical device industry, academic lab or public health lab
- Demonstrated ability to perform nucleic acid amplification is essential
- Nucleic acid isolation, purification and characterization experience
- The ability to handle biological samples (i.e. blood, tissue, etc) as test materials
- The ability to work with pathogens (BSL 2) is required
- Excellent written and oral communication skills and proven interpersonal and team skills
- Good computer skills with standard Microsoft Office programs
- Detail-oriented; disciplined approach to tasks and lab responsibilities

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