Clinical Pipeline Developer

Baylor College of Medicine
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Houston, TX
Job Description: 

WGL - Clinical Pipeline Developer - Scientific Programmer

The Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at Baylor College of Medicine seeks an enthusiastic individual to work with software in a rapidly evolving research environment to support the advance of next generation sequencing technology and genomics research. This position will participate in the development of automated pipelines for clinical cancer variant analysis.

As one of three large-scale sequencing centers funded by the National Institutes of Health, HGSC provides a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge genomic scientists, and new clinical sequencing initiatives.
*Develop, implement, document and unit testing of
software for the analysis of next generation sequencing data including large dataset integration.
*Provide support for the existing production sequence QC and analysis systems, including the resolution of custom user requests.
*Follow prescribed practices for software version control, testing, and release engineering.
*Demonstrate sensitivity to end-user needs, reflected in design of user interface and application workflow.
*Apply analytical skills and creativity to solve diverse and challenging problems.
*Ability to prioritize and organize various tasks on projects.
*Present technical and analytical status in weekly meetings.


Required: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, MIS, or related programming field with domain knowledge (computational biology, bioinformatics, clinical informatics).

Required: Three years of experience in scientific programming and domain-relevant science experience in biology, genetics, physics, statistics, or health sciences. Strong computational/programming skills; including experience with the following: UNIX environment; Clustered computing: (MOAB/Torque, PBS, or LSF familiarity) and parallelization in a cluster environment; Proficiency in a programming language such as Ruby, Java, or Perl.
Ruby/Perl software development experience.
Familiarity with multi-processing/threading methods, and workflow/pipeline tools.
Experience producing code documentation.
Exposure to statistical analysis of large datasets.
Ability to handle and prioritize multiple software requirements.
Ability to function independently and solve technically complex.

Contact Information: 

Please apply directly to 225320JC at

Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Equal Access Employer.

About Our Organization: 

The BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center employs more than 200 staff, and is located in Houston, in the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex.

The major activity of the BCM-HGSC is high-throughput DNA sequence generation and the accompanying analysis. The center currently operates multiple sequencing platforms (Illumina, Ion Torrent, 454, Sanger). The sequence data generated by these machines is analyzed in a complex bioinformatics pipeline, and the data are deposited regularly in the public databases at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). This ensures that the worldwide research community has timely access to the data.

The BCM-HGSC is also involved in developing the next generation of DNA sequencing and bioinformatics technologies that will allow greater scientific advances in the future.