Sr. Staff Scientist, Microbiology

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San Bruno, CA

Stock options, bonus, plus the usual

Job Description: 

Sr. Staff Scientist, Microbiology
[will consider Director level]

Reporting to: VP R&D/Director R&D

General Description: A Venture Capital-funded, start-up biotechnology company seeks an energetic senior level scientist with a strong background in bacterial genomics to lead a laboratory group in drug discovery efforts based on host-microbe interactions utilizing metagenomic information from gut microbiome experiments.


The candidate will have a BS with a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in Microbiology with a minimum of 1-3 years of postdoctoral training.
3-5 years of additional experience in a biotech or pharmaceutical setting is desired.

Required attributes: Successful candidate will have a broad background in bacterial culture and in fundamentals of bacterial genomics and taxonomic classification. The candidate will also be facile with methodologies in microarray- and sequencing-based classification and quantification of various bacterial taxa in biological samples from mammals (metagenomics). The candidate will have familiarity with plasmid preparation, DNA and RNA isolation, PCR techniques, library construction and familiarity with state-of-the-art sequencing technology.

Other desired traits:

Bioinformatic analysis algorithms and database management are desired.

Familiarity with innate immune response mechanisms and pathways is also desired.

Familiarity with linking the power of genomics to the drug discovery process is also desirable.

The successful candidate will have demonstrated a strong publication record in these skill areas and possess excellent written and verbal skills.

Other attributes:

The candidate must show a desire to utilize his/her skills in microbial genetics to discover drugs for several diseases known to be affected by host-microbiome interactions, such as IBD, IBS, as well as metabolic disease, and others.

The ability to work as a team member and a willingness to become part of a fast paced, entrepreneurial biotech atmosphere is a must. Candidate must portray an ability to collaborate with academicians and other strategic partners in drug discovery efforts.

As a team leader, the Sr. Staff Scientist will possess great interpersonal skills and the ability to inspire productivity in a team of 3-5 people at various experience levels. This must coexist with an understanding of the general needs of the business side of the organization.

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Please send resume and a description of the steps you would take and the supplies you would need to develop the library to:
Connie Hampton

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