Senior Bioinformatician

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
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Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
up to 38k
Job Description: 

Highly skilled Bioinformatician to integrate new and extensive information into the COSMIC project and build mining tools across the full database.

COSMIC ( is a large cancer genetics database & websystem designed to hold the world’s knowledge on DNA mutations in human cancer, providing user-friendly methods to mine it for new discoveries. We are currently looking to increase the system’s usefulness by adding new types of information to the system and creating novel software tools to mine it.
In the last 8 years, COSMIC has become very successful as a major cancer genetics resource, curating the majority of published information on small DNA mutations and how they relate to human cancer. However, the field of cancer genetics is increasingly focused on whole-genome sequencing which generates much more information than is currently curated. Extensive annotations are now available on variations in copy number, gene expression and promoter methylation within cancer genomes. This data will be identified from the most useful sources (currently international consortia such as TCGA & ICGC) and pipelined into the COSMIC database. Substantial analytical tools will be created to make this data as useful as possible to data miners and cancer scientists.
Working closely within the existing COSMIC team, this role will systematically identify and download appropriate datasets, create a relational database for them and build software to automatically pipeline the data. An important focus will be on ensuring the efficient and precise management of pipelines and database systems to maximise the accuracy and speed of data migration. The development of analysis tools will again be determined within the team, and also in discussion with our scientific collaborators, utilising both websites and custom software. All the data curated and all the systems built will be made publicly and freely available, to maximise the usefulness of COSMIC, with the ultimate aim of supporting the development of improved therapies against human cancer.
The position would suit a Bioinformatician who enjoys applying their skills to analysing large biological data sets and finding novel ways to analyse and display such information. We are looking for an individual who is happy working in multi-disciplinary team environment to help solve complex biological problems relating to cancer genetics.


Essential Skills
Good degree in Bioinformatics, Scientific Discipline or Computer Science.
UNIX/LINUX development experience; Software engineering skills with a primary focus on using PERL for data pipelining; ORACLE/MySQL relational databases. Enjoy working as part of a team.

Ideal Skills
Web development; Background in cancer genetics; Knowledge of data output from major cancer genome consortia (TCGA, ICGC).

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The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute operates at the forefront of genomics, sequencing and analyses targeting a wide range of genomes from single cell pathogens to higher vertebrates, with an emphasis on genomes relevant to human medicine and welfare. The Cancer Genome Project at the Institute has led the way in the systematic analysis of cancer genomes by using the human genome sequence and high throughput mutation detection techniques to identify somatically acquired sequence variants/mutations and hence identify genes critical in the development of human cancers (