Senior Research Associate / Scientist

Job Location: 
Providence, RI
Job Description: 

• Prepare and characterize very long genomic DNA from a variety of sources
• Develop new methods of working with DNA and molecules that interact with DNA
• Optimize protocols and generate standardized procedures
• Summarize / process data and generate reports
• Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in a highly motivated, independent manner


• BS/MS in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry with >5 yrs experience or PhD in Biology, Biochemistry, or related area
• Knowledge of fundamental molecular biology techniques required
• Prior experience with genomic DNA preparation and characterization required
• Experience with enzyme kinetics, developing biochemical/enzymatic assays, hybridization analysis of oligonucleotides, protein-DNA interactions, or microfluidics highly preferred

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About Our Organization: 

Nabsys is dedicated to enabling advances in life sciences and healthcare through strategic deployment of a novel positional sequencing platform with broad applicability for DNA analysis. The Nabsys platform uses solid-state nanodetectors to analyze single DNA molecules, revealing both location and identity of DNA sequences over long distances. The system is designed to set new standards for accuracy, speed and scalability, offering compelling advantages for the analysis of genome structural variation, genome mapping, and both targeted and whole genome sequencing.