Bioinformatics Manager, Genomic Sciences 5069

Illumina, Inc.
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San Diego
Job Description: 

As a Bioinformatics Manager, you will be supervising the team of Services Bioinformaticians performing sophisticated data processing and data analysis on very large amount of next generation sequencing data generated in our Services laboratory for our customers. You will be responsible for the day to day operations and health of the bioinformatics pipeline, coordinating with your Bioinformatics team, as well as the Lab Managers and the Project Managers who interface with our customers.

As one of the largest next gen sequencing lab in the world, you will be responsible for maintaining and improving the level of pipeline automation, from data to QC to final delivery. You will also work with IT to insure the infrastructure is in good health and capable of supporting Genomic Services’ future needs. With the strong support of the R&D Bioniformatics team, you will also help refine the level of quality required to best serve our customers.

You will work with R&D and Marketing to help draw and implement the next iteration of tools and features. Actual development of algorithms will be left to the R&D team.
As with all Managers in the Genomic Services team, you will be expected to closely manage cost, quality, turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

Equal Opportunity Employer


• Masters or PhD in computer science, mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics, or equivalent.

Preferred Experiential Background:
• Demonstrated success as a manager and team builder.
• Ability to lead a high performing highly technical team.
• Practical experience using open source bioinformatics tools
• Experience with automation for analysis of very large and complex data sets.
• Strong statistical and data analysis skills.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Contact Information: 

Devol Caston
Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant
Illumina, Inc.
5200 Illumina Way
San Diego, CA 92122
Work: 858.202.4614

About Our Organization: 

Illumina's Genomic Services group provides array and sequencing services to the scientific community. Over the years, Illumina Fast-Track Services has delivered data to the world's top researchers and institutions, as well as numerous biotech firms and large pharma companies. In the last few years, Genomic Services has invested significantly in providing high quality Whole human genome at scale. Illumina Genomic Services was also the first to offer clinical whole human genome, under CLIA and CAP.