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Sequencing LLC
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Virtual or in-person in the SF Bay Area
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Sequencing LLC is a California-based company of bioinformatics and software development specialists. We are available to provide services to your organization on a project-by-project basis.

Sequencing LLC is a team of PhD's in bioinformatics, MDs that are experts in personal genomics and clinical genetics, highly proficient software developers (both architects and coders who have significant experience writing custom software solutions for genomics and big data applications), and even Stanford MBAs to manage projects and ensure deliverables are on-time and of the highest quality.

By outsourcing your bioinformatics, software development, or even product development needs to Sequencing LLC, you will be able to lower your costs and achieve quicker results than recruiting someone to accomplish the project(s) in-house.

If you have a genomics-based project, we have your solution.

A short list of our real-world expertise and notable projects includes automating the bioinformatics processing of whole genome and exome sequencing data (primary and secondary analysis), developing custom software for clinical analysis of genetic data (for both multifactorial and monogenic phenotypes), and even researching and creating fully customized DNA genotyping microarray configurations for personal genomics.

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Phone: 424-281-4363