Head of Computational Genomics / Algorithms

Job Location: 
San Francisco, California
Job Description: 

We are looking for a computer scientist with expertise in computational genomics in general and genome assembly algorithms in particular to lead the development of a set of novel algorithms.

Key responsibilities include the development, implementation and optimization of efficient genomics algorithms; research and implementation of new genomic analysis methods and the development of algorithms for de-novo assembly, human genetics and cancer genomics.


• Fluency in C/C++ or Java, Perl or Python, UNIX
• Experience in design and implementation of bioinformatics algorithms
• Deep understanding of probabilistic modeling, statistics, data structures, classic genomic algorithms such as sequence alignment and de-novo sequence assembly

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About Our Organization: 

Moleculo is a young Stanford spin-out company that is developing and commercializing a new DNA sequencing method, which provides extremely long and accurate sequencing reads enabling applications such as de novo sequencing, clinical sequencing and sequencing of tumor samples.