Postdoctoral Researcher

Washington University
Job Location: 
St. Louis, Mo.
Job Description: 

The Dougherty lab is seeking Postdoctoral Scholars.
The laboratory is part of both the departments of Genetics and Psychiatry, at Washington University, in St. Louis. We utilize a variety of techniques spanning from human molecular genetics and informatics to mouse behavioral neuroscience and neuroanatomy, as well as novel methodologies for cell specific translational profiling in vivo (see for example Cell. 2008 Nov 14;135(4):749-62.) The laboratory is focused both on expanding this technology to other RNA species in the brain (miRNA, Linc RNA, synaptic transcripts), as well as applying these method to mouse models of neurological disorders. We are particularly focused on autism. We are looking for creative and independent researchers who are willing to fearlessly tackle new kinds of data and develop the appropriate methods for their analysis. Opportunities are also availabl for mixed wet/dry lab projects.


The applicant must have, or be nearing completion of a Ph.D. or M.D. We are looking for individuals with experience in bioinformatics and the analysis of sequencing and microarray data.

Contact Information: 

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and C.V. to, and include contact information for three references. WUSM is an equal opportunity employer