NGS/GWAS Bioinformatics-Computational Biologist - Predictive Toxicology

Job Location: 
Cambridge, MA
Job Description: 

Principal Scientist - NGS/GWAS Bioinformatician/Computational Biologist - Predictive Toxicology

(position located in Cambridge, MA)

The Department of Comparative Biology and Safety Sciences is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Bioinformatician/Computational Biologist to support predictive toxicity screening and hazard identification in preclinical drug development.

The position will be based at Amgen’s Cambridge, Massachusetts site with the primary responsibility of collaborating with toxicologists/biologists by leveraging information on biological pathways relevant to toxicity and using novel, cutting edge, computational algorithms to study internal and external high-content data types such as gene expression data, GWAS, next-generation sequencing.

The candidate is expected to proactively interact with the Bioinformatics community in the Boston area and foster strong relationships that would advance our computational capabilities with the ultimate goal of promoting better solutions to understand mechanisms of toxicity as well as potential toxicity screens. By networking and collaboratively working with external experts and Amgen scientists across multiple sites, the successful candidate will integrate acquired knowledge into our efforts to inform decision-making in preclinical drug development.

Developing state-of-art computational algorithms and utilizing complex high-content data for toxicity prediction applications are anticipated to be a substantial component of this job and the candidate is expected to provide leadership and expertise in these domains with minimal supervision.


Preferred Qualifications include:

• PhD in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related field
• 7+ years of relevant experience in biotech, pharmaceutical industry or academia
• Established eminence in the fields of applied mathematics or statistics and a stellar ability to analyze large-scale biological data sets such as those from microarray or next-generation sequencing platforms
• Ability to translate biological and medical questions into actionable data analysis plans or analytical models
• Extensive programming experience in languages such as R or Matlab
• Ability to create collaborative opportunities and work closely with others in team environment
• Track record of scientific excellence in publications
• Strong written and oral communication skills, self-motivation, independence and leadership

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Interested candidates please email resume to

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