Human Genetics Biomarker - Sr. Scientist

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Cambridge, MA
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Human Genetics Biomarker - Sr. Scientist
(Cambridge, MA)

This is an exciting position in the Molecular Sciences & Computational Biology Department at Amgen, Cambridge MA, for an individual to discover, develop, and apply pharmacodynamic and patient stratification biomarkers in the context of informing the decision-making process in clinical drug development.

The Senior Scientist will provide scientific and technical expertise in the area of genetic biomarkers and will collaborate with the Discovery Research groups and Biomarker Representatives to use genetic biomarkers to further the objectives associated with therapeutic candidate programs in drug development. This position will increase our application of DNA platforms, such as SNP analysis or Next-Gen sequencing, to discover and apply genetic biomarkers. The position’s responsibility could span from efforts to discover and evaluate candidate biomarkers to overseeing the execution of biomarker assessments in clinical trials. The candidate will integrate internal and external datasets with experiments with human tissue to support patient stratification, indication selection, and to work with Research on target identification. One responsibility will be to perform in vitro and in vivo experiments to better define the downstream functional consequences of proposed causal variants associated with disease. The candidate is expected to be an active member of a prospecting team evaluating external opportunities, particularly in the Cambridge area, that advance the discovery and application of genetic biomarkers in clinical drug development. The candidate will also be responsible for organizing and contributing to cross-functional and cross-site team interactions involving meetings, reports, and presentations.

We are seeking an enthusiastic colleague who works well in teams and who enjoys working in a multifunctional environment.


• Ph.D. in the Life Sciences and (minimum) 2+ years of post-doctoral experience and (minium) 2+ years of industry experience
• Strong background in genetics and experience in the discovery and application of genetic
biomarkers in clinical drug development
• Background in Neuroscience
• Strong skills in teamwork, critical thinking, laboratory experimentation and analysis
• A proven track record of productivity, effective verbal and written communication and
interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work in a team environment.

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Interested candidates, please email resume to

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