Forensic Toxicology Fellow – Toxicologist IV

Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences
Job Location: 
Houston, Texas
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Job Description: 

Principal Job Tasks:
 Participate successfully in competency testing and internal proficiency testing according to established protocols.
 Complete training program in scientific analyses of specimens submitted by forensic pathologists and law enforcement officers.
 Complete training program in the preparation of written reports that support the analytical findings.
 Complete training in testimony as an expert witness in legal proceedings.

Additional Job Tasks:
 Operate and maintain laboratory instruments.
 Train new lab employees in instrument operations.
 Assist in ensuring the laboratory remains in compliance with ABFT and ASCLD/LAB accreditation standards.
 Attend continuing education/training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and professional meetings.
 Follow rigorously all Safety, Method Manual, and Quality Assurance / Quality Control protocols.
 Other duties as assigned by the Assistant Chief Toxicologist or Crime Laboratory Director.

Physical and other special requirements:
 Ability to lift and handle large and heavy items of physical evidence, chemical supplies and laboratory equipment weighing up to forty (40) pounds in the routine performance of duties.
 Maintain a valid Texas driver’s license and the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
 Visual acuity sufficient to perceive minute differences and details and to withstand the strain of continued close work.
 Manual dexterity sufficient to conduct laboratory tasks as determined by the Assistant Chief Toxicologist.


Required Minimum Education: Ph.D. in Toxicology, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology, or a related physical science. Successful completion of a minimum of nine semester (or equivalent) hours of college coursework in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and/or Pharmacology.

Required Minimum Years Applicable Experience: One year of laboratory experience using recent technology is required.

Certification or Licensure, Preferred: Membership in one or more professional forensic organizations is preferred, but not required.

Other Experience and Preferred Skills: Experience with analytical instrumentation and method development. Computer literacy in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and familiarity with database applications such as JusticeTrax LIMS is also desirable.

Routine External Contacts: Medical examiners, law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, educators and peers during professional training or participation in accreditation or certification visits.

Training the Fellow must successfully complete:
• Comprehensive training program in fundamentals of forensic toxicology.
• Training in laboratory operations, quality assurance, method development and validation.
• Dissemination of knowledge by presentation and publication submission.

Contact Information: 

Dr. Fessesswork Guale
1885 Old Spanish Trail
Houston, Texas 77054
Phone: 713-796-6909
Fax: 713-796-6838

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