Forensic and Molecular Genetics Fellow – DNA Analyst IV

Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences
Job Location: 
Houston, Texas
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Job Description: 

Training the Fellow must successfully complete:
• Comprehensive training program in forensic serology and DNA analysis in accordance with established training procedures.
• Training in laboratory management, quality assurance, methods development and validation.
• In collaboration with the Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the Baylor College of Medicine, training in methodologies and interpretation of molecular genetics

Principal Job Tasks – Forensic Genetics:
 May conduct scientific laboratory examinations and analyses of specimens submitted by forensic pathologists and law enforcement officers..
 May prepare written reports that support the analytical findings and provide testimony as an expert witness in legal proceedings.
 Participate successfully in competency testing and internal proficiency testing according to established protocols.

Principal Job Tasks – Molecular Genetics:
 Perform DNA sequence data analysis, review and interpretation.
 Write reports on putative mutations.

Principal Job Tasks – Other
 Operate and maintain laboratory instruments.
 Train new lab employees as delegated by the Forensic Genetics Director.
 Assist in ensuring the laboratory remains in compliance with the ASCLD/LAB accreditation standards and the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories.
 Meet ASCLD/LAB standards and the FBI Quality Assurance Standards by attending continuing education/training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and professional meetings.
 Follow rigorously all Safety, Method Manual, and Quality Assurance / Quality Control protocols.
 Other duties as assigned by the Forensic Genetics Director or the Crime Laboratory Director.

Physical and other special requirements:
 Ability to lift and handle large and heavy items of physical evidence, chemical supplies and laboratory equipment weighing up to forty (40) pounds in the routine performance of duties.
 Maintain a valid Texas driver’s license and the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
 Visual acuity sufficient to perceive minute differences and details and to withstand the strain of continued close work.
 Manual dexterity sufficient to conduct laboratory tasks as determined by Forensic Genetics Laboratory Director.
 The incumbent must provide a DNA sample to be maintained by the Forensic Genetics Laboratory for quality assurance purposes.


Required Minimum Education: Ph.D. in Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science or a related physical science. Successful completion of a minimum of nine semester (or equivalent) hours of college coursework in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology. Successful completion of coursework in Statistics and Population Genetics.

Required Minimum Years Applicable Experience: One year of laboratory experience using recent technology is required.

Certification or Licensure, Preferred: American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) certification and membership in one or more professional forensic organizations is preferred.

Other Experience and Preferred Skills: Computer literacy in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and familiarity with database applications such as JusticeTrax LIMS and CODIS.

Routine External Contacts: Medical examiners, law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, educators and peers during professional training or participation in accreditation or certification visits.

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