Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA
Job Description: 

As a member of the Cepheid R&D organization, this Scientist will be an integral part of a team developing real-time PCR based IVD products.

This will be a hands-on, bench level position with key responsibilities in the development of real-time infectious disease PCR assays. The uccessful candidate must have a strong general science background and have the proven ability to design, execute and interpret experimental results independently. This candidate will be involved in all aspects of assay development including design of unique nucleic acid isolation methods for different specimen types, sample preparation, reagent formulation, optimization of highly multiplexed, real-time PCR and RT-PCR assays, completion of verification studies, validation of test methods, and systems integration. The position involves working closely with team members as well as enabling others to meet timelines successfully.

The candidate will have experience handling and processing fragile proteins such as enzymes and antibodies, completing reagent optimization, and establishing performance specifications. Strong computer skills including proficiency with standard Microsoft Office programs required and desired for statistical software, sequence design software, and literature search technology. Excellent written and oral communication skills and proven interpersonal and team skills are required.

Must have experience in the design and development of highly multiplexed real-time PCR assays, with a proven track record of interfacing between development, production, and quality systems during the development of FDA approved IVD products. This position requires a self-driven and flexible contributor who can allocate time and resources efficiently, effectively prioritize, and continually seek ways to improve individual and corporate efficiency.

- Minimum of 5 years industry experience
- BS/MS Molecular Biology or other scientific discipline
- Real-time PCR experience is essential
- Nucleic acid isolation and purification experience required
- Handling of various biological sample types is a requirement (i.e. blood, tissue, etc)
- Ability to work with pathogens (BSL2) is required
- Detail-oriented; disciplined approach to tasks and lab responsibilities

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