Senior Director/Director Urology Medical Affairs

Genomic Health, Inc.
Job Location: 
Redwood City,CA
Job Description: 

This position will act as Senior Director/Director Urology Medical Affairs reporting to the Chief Medical Officer at Genomic Health, Inc.

o Play a key leadership role in developing and implementing our approach to bringing genomics into clinical practice in urology
o Function as an important outreach person representing Genomic Health
o Works closely with key opinion leaders regarding Genomic Health scientific and medical presentations and communications
o Deliver lectures as required before health care providers concerning GHI's products and their use
o Attend key medical meetings both to represent GHI and to gather educational information
o Provide leadership in working with Medical and Marketing/Sales on setting up and supporting Advisory Boards, Speaker Training and External Payor Reviews as needed
o Function as a vital medical resource internally to Genomic Health, company-wide
o Answer medical questions from Customer Service, R&D and others
o Help in strategizing/problem-solving/prioritizing issues related to the medical marketplace and physician interaction
o Play a key role in the investigator-initiated urology study program
o Work with key departments (Medical, Sales, Marketing, Managed Care, Quadax etc.) in developing and implementing successful training programs as needed
o Serve as a key internal resource to marketing
o Take complex medical messages and enable clear and concise understanding by personnel within GHI
o Evaluate marketing tools for medical accuracy and completeness
o Stay abreast of new developments, papers and trends in Breast Cancer and work with Marketing to be a conduit to the field for review of these developments
o Serve as a key internal resource to sales for local and regional presentations, product training, consultation, etc.
o Work with Directors of Field Sales to support training needs
o Travel as able with ROLs (sales) in the field to help with messaging and medical accuracy
o Be available to ROL's as a phone and/or speaker resource as needed
o Travel requirements range from 20-40% of the time

• MD degree required; urology specialty training preferred
• Strong clinical/medical background (training and/or experience) with ability to successfully communicate and teach in a complex and competitive environment
• More than 5 years experience in a Medical Affairs organization preferred; will consider highly qualified candidates with less experience. Prefer experience in pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device industry.
• Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills both written and oral
• Ability to communicate (clearly) complex messages at all levels of the organization (organizational agility)
• Public speaking ability and facility required
• Strong analytical skills and familiarity with medical messaging necessary
• Demonstrated team player and ability to execute

Project Planning and Implementation:
This person helps to develop a department specific business plan with a focus on results and clear accountabilities, while balancing activities to support the overall corporate plan. This person aggressively implements their plans with a bias for maximizing important resources including time, money, and return-on-investment. The individual understands and implements best practice meeting management and decision styles.

Technical Fluency:
This person skillfully learns and is able to adapt medically related product concepts and complexities to our sales and marketing environment. He/she is able to take these concepts (messages) and train our ROLs'/GNAM's on how to best utilize them in their efforts to educate and influence our external customers.

Professionalism and Commitment:
This person strives for excellence in all aspects of his/her performance and is committed to continuous self-evaluation and development. This person walks the talk with respect to our corporate values and is valued for his/her contribution to the organization, peers, and customers.

Internal and External Communication:
This person has the ability to keep all parties informed of his/her activities as they impact select departments. He/she will provide direct feedback to individuals so they can make accurate decisions with respect to their own clinical growth and development.

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