Sr. Optical Engineer

Cepheid - US
Job Location: 
Sunnyvale, CA
Job Description: 

Responsibilities include troubleshooting and optimization of instrumentation and processes involved in the calibration of devices used for the detection of fluorescent chemical compounds.

This position will involve frequent communication between Engineering, Manufacturing, and other business functions and good written and oral presentation skills are required. This candidate will be expected to work independently to solve complex problems involving mechanical hardware, software and chemistry.

The focus of this position is optimization and transfer to manufacturing of optics based test equipment, as well as characterization of fluorescence calibration standards.

This position requires hands on design and measurement work, as well as computational skills.

Additional experience in the following areas is considered a plus:

Measurement of fluorescent materials using spectrophotometer and/or fluorimeter systems; knowledge of optical filter principles and filter requirement specifications for fluorescence measurements; programming in C, Visual Basic, or Java; experience with user-created macros or professional data analysis software (Origin, Mathematica, Minitab); characterization of fluorescent materials.

- A minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required. Optical Engineering or Physics or an Equivalent technical discipline is preferred.
- A minimum of 6 years experience with a Bachelor. Or, a minimum of 3 years experience with an advanced degree (Ph.D. or Master's)
- The ideal candidate will have experience designing, building, and testing complete optical systems of light sources, lenses, filters, fluorescent materials, and detectors.
- They will have experience specifying and selecting LED, filter, and detector components, optics, and optical bench components as well as electronics associated with light sources and detectors and related optical and electrical test equipment.
- Sound mathematical skills, including basic statistics, calculus, and linear algebra are required.
- The ideal candidate will have a proven record of hands-on experience building, testing, and troubleshooting optical systems.
- The candidate will be able to perform basic calculations of end-to-end light throughput for complete optical systems.
- Computer experience using Microsoft Excel and Word is required.

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