Staff Scientist I -- (ISH Assay Developer) -- 9498

Affymetrix, Inc.
Job Location: 
Santa Clara, California
Job Description: 

The position will be an integral part of an assay development team to develop novel assay and instrumentations for the in situ detection of single molecules in cells and tissues. The candidate will perform all aspects of histology and assay development that includes performing CISH, FISH and IHC assays, interpreting normal and cancerous tissues/cells, capturing images and generating experimental reports. He/she will perform independent projects to develop, evaluate and troubleshoot novel single molecule ISH assays and instrumentations.

• Perform FISH, CISH and IHC stain with consistent results
• Experience with automated IHC or ISH slide processors from Ventana and/or Leica is desirable
• Imaging experience in fluorescent and bright field microscopes
• Able to work independently in a dynamic team environment
• Good interpersonal communication and writing skills

• Preferably Ph.D or a minimum of Bachelor degree in biological sciences, molecular biology or biochemistry with at least 4 years of laboratory experiences.
• Experiences in IHC, ISH or single molecule assay and in developing life sciences reagents/instrumentation are highly desirable.
• Knowledgeable of life science product development process and quality control such as ISO 9000 and cGMP manufacturing is highly desirable.
• Must be able to work independently and cooperatively in multi-functional team environment.
• Ability to interpret data and present results accurately is a must.

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