Statistical Geneticist

Golden Helix, Inc
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Bozeman, Montana

Health, Dental, Vacation, Sick, Flexible Schedule

Job Description: 

Golden Helix is a leader in genetic research tools and services. We’re known for helping researchers overcome the obstacles that keep them from making novel discoveries and significant publications. Our business is growing, creating the need to expand our team.

We are looking for a statistical geneticist to work as part of our Services team to employ leading software tools, state-of-the-art methods, statistical expertise and custom development capabilities to uncover hidden relationships in complex data. If you are a mathematically minded geneticist (or a genetically minded statistician), desire more out of work than just doing routine data analysis, and want work for a company where you’ll have a major impact, this could be the right career for you.

Job Description
As a member of our analytic services team, you will work closely with leading research organizations from around the world on projects ranging from simple study design and array-based GWAS, through rare variant discovery and diagnostic development using DNA and RNA sequence data. You will provide statistical and genetics consulting, perform statistical analyses, employ visual exploration approaches, interpret statistical results, and help prepare summary reports on a broad range of projects and topics.

You will have the opportunity to interact regularly with our clients during the course of your projects, helping them determine and carry out the best analytic approaches for meeting their goals. You will also work closely with your Golden Helix colleagues to develop results-oriented proposals that clearly define how we will help our clients succeed in their research, and then be part of making that happen.


• PhD in Human or Medical Genetics, Statistical Genetics, or Biostatistics with a background in bioinformatics; or a Ph.D. in a related field with training or experience in biology, genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, human genetics, or similar. Experience analyzing GWAS or NGS data strongly preferred.
• Proficiency in MS Excel, knowledge of the Linux/Unix command line environment, experience using R/S+ or other general statistics applications and using scripting languages such as Python, PERL or AWK.
• Experience utilizing regression, linear models and non-parametric statistics in research settings.
• Hands-on experience in several of the following: DNAseq analytics, Cancer analytics, SNP and CNV GWAS, Expression analysis (array and NGS-based), Pathway analysis, Molecular biology, Epigenetics/methylation analysis.
• Excellent customer service skills, enthusiastic attitude, and solid work ethics.
• Strong oral and written communication skills (must read, write, and speak fluent English).
• Must love nerds. Or better yet, be one!

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If you are interested and fulfill the requirements, upload your CV and cover letter by going to our website at and select the job link for Statistical Geneticist. Contact or visit our website for additional information.

About Our Organization: 

Founded in 1998 in Bozeman, Montana, Golden Helix is a leading bioinformatics company that enables the world’s leading researchers to find or diagnose the genetic causes of disease, drug safety, and drug efficacy – advancing the promises of personalized medicine. Using Golden Helix’ genetic analysis software and analytic services, these researchers are able to make sense of complex, expensive genetic data, turning it into novel, actionable findings.