Senior Manager, Program Management - 9470

Affymetrix, Inc.
Job Location: 
Santa Clara, California
Job Description: 

This position is key to driving execution on Affymetrix's product development
efforts. Project managers will work within Affymetrix's established phase gate
product development process, typically as Core Team Leaders, to drive projects
to meet schedule, quality, COGs, product feature, and cost deliverables.

Successful candidates must be capable of working collaboratively with project
Core Team members from various functions (particularly Product Marketing and
Development leads) to successfully drive new product concepts to market under
extremely aggressive timelines in a dynamically evolving technology environment.
Many of the applicable programs have complex system integration elements, so
comfort with integrated systems is required.

Key responsibilities:

As Core Team Leader, the candidate will be accountable for execution on project
timelines and overall program goals from initial concept through successful
commercialization. The Core Team Leader drives general project management

* Development of project contract including project schedule and deliverables

* Analysis of project risks and maintenance of project schedule

* Schedule and chair Core Team meetings

* Ensure all aspects of project are covered, assign project deliverables

* Prepare meeting agendas, publish meeting minutes, ensure all required project
documentation is generated and archived (including but not limited to project
definition, project plans, risk analysis, financial analysis, market analysis,
technical documentation, monthly progress reports, presentations, technical
reviews, organization readiness reviews, etc.)

* Primary liaison between all teams and departments involved in the product
development/delivery process to resolve issues, facilitate tradeoff decisions,
and remove obstacles

* Analytical skills, especially the ability to generate alternative solutions
and manage risk by identifying criteria for trade-off decisions and helping to
facilitate difficult conversations

* Key role in identifying and resolving or escalating resource conflicts/gaps.

* Collaboration with project Core Team Members (particularly Product Marketing
and Product Development team leads) to prepare and present phase-based project
approval review materials to senior management on Affymetrix's Product Approval
Committee (PAC)

* Bachelor's Degree (B.S./B.A.), preferably in a scientific/technical discipline
(biology, chemistry, engineering, etc.)

* Direct experience with managing systems, instrumentation and software

* Minimum of 5 years of experience combined between program/project management
and product development and commercialization, preferably in a life
sciences/biotechnical industry

Project management skills:

* experience in successfully managing large and small multi-disciplinary team
projects using standard project management tools

* Knowledge of standard product development cycle (theoretical) and the actual
process (practical application)


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