Genome Technology Center Faculty Director

NYU Langone Medical Center
Job Location: 
550 First Ave., New York, NY 10016
Job Description: 

The successful candidate will lead a team sharing responsibility for maintaining the efficient operation of the Genome Technology Core, adapting cutting edge technologies for nucleotide sequencing, microarray-based technologies and new applications for molecular genomics. In addition to assisting researchers with experimental design, planning, and execution of research projects, responsibilities include staff and workflow management, data analysis, developing research collaborations and writing grant proposals and manuscripts.

Direct the operation, functioning, and developing of Genome Technology Center

Reporting to the Senior Director, Office of Collaborative Science, Assoc. Dean, and OCS. This is a non-tenured faculty position, with supervision of staff of 6 technical staff.

Key Challenges
• Improve core efficiency, introducing new technology where appropriate.
• Introduce state of the art molecular methodology
• Update systems and procedures for data analysis and sharing
• Educate and counsel scientific members on the use of current technologies and shared resources
• Develop collaborative partnership with NYGC
• Supports and contributes to translational research projects

Key Responsibilities
o Provides technical expertise and training/educational programs to staff
 Answers questions concerning test results and provides testing methods and collection requirements
 Conducts on-going lectures and seminars and provides educational materials to staff

o Performs supervisory functions
 Schedules vacation, holiday, and other coverage required
 Schedules, assigns, and reviews daily work assignments
 Trains and develops staff
 Submits job description to fill vacant positions to Sr. Director for requisition and approval; interviews and selects candidates; completes required new hire paperwork on a timely basis
 Issues oral and written warnings, initiates performance improvement plans and terminations in accordance with human resources policy
 Recommends all status changes (promotions, demotions, transfers, leave of absences, etc)
 Resolve employee grievances alone or with assistance from Sr. Director
 Completes performance planning and appraisal form for new and current staff on a timely basis; discuss appraisal with employee; forwards to Sr. Director on or before due date

o Insures compliance with governmental regulations and regulatory agency standards.
 Disseminates information regarding changes to existing or new laws and regulation governing lab procedures
 Performs ongoing inspections to staff to insure compliance; immediately instructs non-compliant staff to comply

o Performs planning and budgeting.
 In partnership with the OCS Finance Manager and Sr. Director, responsible for determining annual goals for the core, and devising an annual Business Plan that outlines the cores’ scientific development and projected levels of service, revenue, and expenses for the upcoming year.
• Determining the need for new and/or replacement equipment and seeking sources of support to acquire them
 Provides input into long and short range goal planning

o Supervises supply, instrumentation and equipment purchases.
 Monitor the cost effectiveness of cores as compared to other modes or sources of service
 Oversees all core purchasing, monitoring expenses.
 Meets with vendors to discuss new or improved instrumentation, equipment and supplies; evaluates and makes recommendations for purchases to the Sr. Director

o Prepares reports and responds to departmental needs.
 Reviews monthly P&L report and adjusts accordingly
 Reports problems and their resolution to the Sr. Director
 Prepares all reports and responds to departmental needs on or before due date

o Serves as liaison to other areas of the institution.
 Serves on Committees and others as required.
 Participates in teaching activities (conferences, rounds as needed)

o Develops and maintains a high level of customer service.
 Monitoring and continually seeking to improve the performance of cores
 Displays courtesy, tact, and diplomacy when dealing with staff, colleagues, superiors, patients, hospital visitors, vendors, representatives of other institutions and government and regulatory agencies
 Offers to assist staff, colleagues, superiors, patients, hospital visitors, vendors, representatives of other institutions and government and regulatory agencies in attaining their goals or completing their tasks whenever possible, or if unable, obtains appropriate assistance


The Ideal Candidate
A mix of experience, talent, style and values that will enable them to succeed in a complex and diverse environment. An ideal candidate will also bring the following professional experience and personal qualities to this important role:
 Must have PhD
 Knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of molecular genomics, technology and applications
 A strong genomics background, clinical experience, scientific leadership, and managerial credentials.
 Leadership in and active support of the service excellence.
 Must be self motivated, innovative and experienced at introducing change.

Contact Information: 

Please send a cover letter, CV, three (3) references, Statement of Research Interest and a list of publications in which your work has appeared to:

About Our Organization: 

Cores or Shared resource laboratories provide expensive, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, expertise, and training that is not generally affordable for the single lab or small group of labs. The NYULMC scientific community depends on core laboratories to accurately collect and analyze data and offer consultation for experimental design, sample preparation, and data generation, analysis and interpretation