Research Associate-Chemistry Development

Job Location: 
San Diego, CA


Job Description: 

As a Research Associate in the Chemistry Development group you will support the development of platforms based on our proprietary Sequencing (SBS) and BeadArray™ technology. You will be part of multidisciplinary teams solving complex problems, and investigating new research areas.

Job duties include but are not limited to:
• performing research and/or development activities in collaboration with others to develop new and improve existing technology platforms
• Ability to work independently and within teams to make detailed observations, plan, conduct, analyze, interpret, and report recommendations.
• Developing appropriate controls to anticipate potential problems; understanding and troubleshooting issues.
• Performing routine chemical and biochemical testing, using standard laboratory instrumentation: i.e. UV-VIS, HPLC, fluorescence plate readers, liquid handling robotics.
• Using advanced analytical instrumentation
• Producing and testing complex reagents
• Supporting the testing and screening of new materials
• Keeping a laboratory notebook
• Presenting clear and concise updates, reports, and presentations at technical meetings

Equal Opportunity Employer


Preferred educational background:
• B.S. or M.S. in chemistry, physics, or related field with 0 - 5 yrs experience.

Qualifications and Experience:
• Strong knowledge of standard chemical methods, microarray techniques, and sequencing techniques, including: labeling, purification, quantification, array-hybridization, etc.
• Solid understanding of physical principles involved in assays to enable intelligent troubleshooting. A sound foundation in analytical chemistry
• Advanced laboratory skills and experience with analytical instrumentation.
• Detail-oriented, organized, with a demonstrated ability to implement complex protocols, able to keep good notes in a lab notebook.
• Excellent communication skills
• Multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.
• Demonstrated ability to understand and successfully work across multiple disciplines such as engineering, software and manufacturing is highly desired.
• Motivated, enthusiastic, hard-working, cheerful individual who desires to be part of a fast-paced dynamic development environment.