Senior Director, Scientific Research

Job Location: 
Hayward, CA


Job Description: 

Oversees the strategic direction of a major scientific discipline/program/project in the research and/or development of an organization's
products, projects and programs.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Contributes to the development of strategic roadmap for R&D programs. Layouts program/project management planning to accomplish new research to turn into viable products for commercialization.
• Develops strategies to ensure effective achievement of scientific objectives for area of responsibility and ensure alignment with overall corporate strategy.
• Translates strategy into operating plan for direct reports to track to.
• Conducts and collaborates with others on research and development relevant to long-term objectives of the company.
• Participates with other top managers/executives to establish company policies.
• Writes and reviews manuscripts for publications. Presents at scientific conferences when necessary.
• Monitors and evaluates completion projects/programs through managing Program/Project leaders.
• Develop and manages budgets for large capital expenditures and labor
• Work closely with Engineering and Manufacturing at every step in the development process; manages technical transfer of science to Engineering.
• Makes final decision on administrative or operational matters.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
• Talent Acquisition activities which include identifying needs of the department, justification for budget to fill positions, coordinating with HR to market the position, review resumes, conduct interviews and identify and recommend a candidate as the potential hire, and employee orientation to the department and company.
• Talent Development activities which include developing training plans with employees to ensure they have the necessary expertise to successfully perform their jobs, provide ongoing guidance to employees, and career counseling to help employees develop and advance in their careers
• Job Role Definition ensures that job descriptions accurately record the primary responsibilities, qualifications and terms for each job role in their group
• Performance Management activities include setting performance standards, ensuring employees have appropriate and realistic job goals, providing ongoing feedback about employees’ performance, conducting performance appraisals, including assessing how the employees have performed and how they can improve their performance, developing performance improvement plans if employees’ performance is not adequate and providing rewards for employee accomplishments.

All listed tasks and responsibilities are deemed as essential functions to this position; however, business conditions may require reasonable accommodations for additional task and responsibilities.

Equal Opportunity Employer


Preferred Educational Background:
• Requires a PhD in Engineering with a strong scientific background or equivalent.

Preferred Experiential Background:
• 15+ years of industrial scientific research (or equivalent combination of academic and industrial science) including 10+ management and project experience is required.
• Experience managing multi disciplinary team
• Excellent command of the latest scientific research techniques
• Demonstrated experience in taking conceptual research through development to a viable product for commercialization
• Strong leadership skills
• Excellent communication skills, including verbal, written and presentation
• Strong negotiation skills
• Excellent program/project management skills – including scheduling, budgeting, resource management, etc.

Experience a Plus
• Nano fabrication
• Circuit design
• Fluidics
• Systems Development