Scientist 1

Job Location: 
San Diego, CA


Job Description: 

As a Scientist at Illumina, you will play an integral role in developing front-end genomic analysis technologies of the company. The position involves supporting the development of novel sample preparation technologies and effective integration with relevant biological assays. You will plan, initiate, and execute scientific research for Illumina through collaboration and/or individual studies.

Job Duties include but are not limited to:

- Design, implement, analyze and present experiments to demonstrate feasibility of new methods and efficiently move products through the development pipeline.
- Explore new technologies and creative solutions to overcome current limitations and achieve project goals.
- Work independently and within teams. Conduct clear and concise communication with colleagues and supervisors through oral updates, written reports, and technical meetings.
- Be both a strong individual contributor as well as a collaborative team member.

Equal Opportunity Employer


Preferred Education and Experience:
- PhD in sciences and engineering with minimum 2 years of hands-on experience in research laboratory.
- Hands-on experience with microfluidics, library preparation for next generation sequencing highly desirable.
- Experience with next generation sequencing methods advantageous.