Research Associate 2

Job Location: 
San Diego, CA


Job Description: 

Job Summary:
As a Research Assistant on Illumina’s Advanced Research Team, you will play an integral role in developing novel DNA array and sequencing technologies and applications. Primary responsibilities will include development of new assay technologies, planning and executing effective experiments and analysis of complex data sets.

Job duties include but are not limited to:
• Develop innovative assays for nucleic acid analysis products
• Participate in ongoing research activities under the direction of supervisor.
• Plan, conduct, analyze, and interpret experimental results.
• Understand physical principles involved in nucleic acid assay development.
• Develop appropriate controls to understand and troubleshoot assays.
• Learn and develop protocols and operation of analytical instruments necessary for successful completion of project. Engage in collaborative research
• Keep detailed records and prepare summaries and updates for managers and teams as directed

Equal Opporunity Employer


Education and Experience:
• BA/BS degree in molecular biology/analytical biochemistry or related field. 2-4 years industry experience in molecular biology research.
• Strong experience with standard molecular biology/nucleic acid-based protocols, including DNA amplification, labeling, purification, quantification, PCR, RT-PCR, hybridization, etc. Protein purification experience is a plus.
• Strong laboratory and instrumentation skills.
• Motivated, enthusiastic, individual with a strong desire to innovate/develop new assays
• Ability to effectively multi-task and prioritize activities
• Ability to interpret and trouble-shoot experiments
• Communicates clearly and works well on a cross-functional team
• Excellent verbal/written communication skills
• Experience with next-generation sequencing is a plus
• Detail-oriented, organized, keep good notes in a lab notebook.
• Desire to be part of a fast-paced, dynamic research group