Postdoctoral scholars

Emory University
Job Location: 
Atlanta, GA, United States
Job Description: 

The Taylor Lab in the Biology and Mathematics & Computer Science departments at Emory University is currently recruiting postdoctoral scholars with expertise in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The lab currently has research interests in a number of areas:

  • The Galaxy project, which builds software and infrastructure to make computational biology more accessible to experimentalists. Research foci include both the development of analysis and data management tools, and the development of novel user interfaces and interactive visualizations for analyzing large-scale data.

  • Distributed and high-performance computing for data intensive science, specifically genomics.

  • Vertebrate functional genomics, particularly through the development of novel machine learning, data mining, and data integration methods incorporating genomic sequence and experimental data.

  • Genomics and Epigenomic mechanisms of Gene regulation, the role of transcription factors and chromatin structure in global gene expression, development, and differentiation.

We are seeking post-docs with complementary research interests. Well developed research plans that complement but extend the lab's current interests will be looked upon favorably. Specific area of academic background is flexible. Our group is located in the Biology Department; however because our work is largely computational, programming / software development experience is important.

Contact Information: 

Applicants should submit a CV, a statement of research interests or research plan, and a few references to

About Our Organization: 

Galaxy is a software framework that (a) enables researchers to store, analyze, visualize and share genomic data and (b) provides genomic tool developers with the ability to deploy their tools within a complete analysis framework. Thousands of researchers worldwide use Galaxy on a daily basis. Galaxy is an open source project committed to the openness of scientific enterprise and is free for all.

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