R&D Business Relationship Manager

Genomic Health, Inc.
Job Location: 
Redwood City, CA
Job Description: 

Genomic Health is looking for a Research and Development (R&D) Information Technology Business Relationship Manager to support our genomic research and development functions. This position operates in strategic and tactical capacity while overseeing projects and staff for existing R&D computerized applications, new system development and maintenance activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Oversee all aspects of the system development life cycle by optimizing resource utilization for multiple, high priority R&D application integration and system development projects and by delivering quality results, on time and within budget. Oversee interfaces and interactions with the Information Technology group to ensure secure and reliable setup of R&D systems and their management in a controlled environment.

-Develop and apply expertise in many R&D processes, systems, and associated technologies. Participate in seminars and training to maintain current knowledge of science, business, and technology, and their associated use. Set priorities reflecting business needs and R&D direction, while optimizing use of all resources.

-Identify opportunities for increased system efficiencies and operational improvement and recommend improvements through modification of current systems, implementation of new systems and technologies, and implementation of more efficient processes.

-Oversee systems design, analysis and development projects to modify existing systems and to implement new custom or commercial off the shelf solutions.. Develop and approve solutions across multiple hardware platforms and across departments. Oversee the specification, development, testing, validation, and implementation of R&D computer system solutions of various scope and sizes to ensure they work properly and to determine that these systems meet user requirements, department standards, and Regulatory guidelines.

-Provide instruction for internal training programs. Assist other R&D IS staff with the resolution of complex R&D computer system problems. Oversee the coordination of adequate system support coverage for all systems in a timely manner to maintain system availability, reliability, and integrity.


Education and Experience

-Degree and experience in Computer Science, Life Sciences, or related field. Advanced degree in Translational Medicine preferred.
-Five (5) years of relevant biosciences computerized system development and administration experience
-Minimum of six years in a leadership role in an R&D Information Systems environment.
-Responsible position in a multi-project environment with timeline responsibilities.
-Significant experience in R&D operational processes in a medium to large biopharmaceutical company or contract research organization.
-Significant experience with system implementation and integration projects

Essential Skills and Abilities

-Ability to independently manage multiple projects of varying degrees of complexity.
-Thorough knowledge and understanding of scientific and business related activities.
-Ability to communicate and work effectively with all levels of staff and executive management, especially under pressure of meeting project deadlines.
-Ability to manage others with varying degrees of technical and scientific knowledge.
-Strong, demonstrated leadership skills.
-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written.
-Strong knowledge of R&D systems, applications development, and pharmaceutical research activities.
-Excellent knowledge of applicable Regulatory (FDA and EU) requirements for the implementation and usage of Computerized Systems in a Research and Development environment.
-Ability to effectively apply project management methodology.

If interested, please apply online at http://track.tmpservice.com/ApplyClick.aspx?id=1526864-2647-4721