Genome Technology

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Seventh Annual Young Investigators

Systems biology and related fields are moving apace, and a number of new investigators are helping lead the way.

Seventh Annual Young Investigators

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  • Copy Machines

    While the discovery of copy-number variants may have been serendipitous, they are found throughout the genome and are a common source of variation.

  • Better Crops with Arrays and Sequencing

    Array- and sequencing-based methods are increasingly being deployed to study genetic variation in crops and livestock, though there are drawbacks to such new approaches.



Project Spotlight

  • An Integrated Approach

    By combining histopathological and gene expression analysis, researchers are better able to predict survival in breast cancer patients.

Brute Force

  • Big Bioinformatics Hopes

    Indiana University has ambitious life science computing plans for its upcoming petaflop-scale Big Red II supercomputer.

Where Are They Now?


  • A Fix for Expression Analyses

    Underlying many gene expression studies is the assumption that all cells produce similar levels of messenger RNA, a notion that may not hold true.

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