The Daily Scan - Page 10

What Say You?

The US National Institutes of Health seeks comment on sex as a biological variable and its plan to require the use of male and female animals, tissues, or cells in preclinical studies.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: differences in immune system response, and more.

From Researcher to Distiller and Grocer

Faced with steep competition, some scientists are taking themselves out of the research game.

To Stay or to Go?

Academics in Scotland are divided over how independence would affect science there.

Estonia's Biotech Buildup

Estonia has a burgeoning biotech sector, the Trade Secrets blog writes.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: gibbon genome and adaptions, and more.

Ups and Downs

In this bust swing of the boom-and-bust cycle of research funding, some researchers are facing the shuttering of their labs.

Everybody's Got 'Em

Researchers gauge the frequency of pathogenic alleles in a population and discuss what it means for returning incidental findings.

Economist for Research Post

A Portuguese economist has been nominated to the science spot on the European Commission.

This Week in Genome Biology

In Genome Biology this week: changes in lncRNA profiles in lung cancer, breast cancer classification system, and more.

Back-and-Forth on the MinIon

As one set of researchers slams the results generated by Oxford Nanopore's MinIon, others say improvement have occurred and will continue to occur.

Warning for the Curious

Genetic testing — even ancestry testing — doesn't always lead to happy endings, Vox reports.

Lasker Winner Urges Wider Genetic Screening

Mary-Claire King, one of the new Lasker Award winners, calls for more widespread genetic screening for breast cancer.