The Daily Scan - Page 26

More than Once

Based on genomic and transcriptomic analyses, researchers suggest comb jellies evolved their nervous system independently of other animals.

The Whale Family

Genetic analysis indicates that there may be three subspecies of humpback whales.

A Virtual Worm

OpenWorm offers a way create a virtual version of C. elegans.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: evolution of flightless birds, and more.

And Then There's the Interpretation

The Boston Globe notes that seemingly disease-causing genetic variants don't always turn out to be so.

Lost Snakes, Found Again

Researchers from the US and Mexico rediscover a forgotten snake.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: DNA sequencing to track, treat drug-resistant infections, false smut fungus genome, and more.

The Complex Society of Termites

The termite genome and transcriptome gives a peek into the wood-chomping insect's eusociality.

Faster Turnaround

A bipartisan initiative led by a pair of US representatives takes aim at the drug development and approval process.

So Many Proteins (And More)

The Protein Data Bank has passed 100,000 entries.

This Week in Genome Biology

In Genome Biology this week: inheritance of methylation patterns in mice, chromatin conformation patterns in leukemia, and more.

Gilded Age Science

Private funders boosting US science is nothing new; just ask Andrew Carnegie.

The Personal Gut

A researcher examines what she can learn from a snapshot of her gut microbiome.